Why is photography so expensive?

Photography has always been an essential addition to any event, wedding, or birthday. The photographer captures precious moments while others live them. A good one will capture shots that the family can relive for however long they want. 

There is a lot of time spend on behind the scenes. A photographer may spend an hour on the premises but will need a day or two to edit photographs and put them together for the album. Many do it as a passion and charge more than others. The reason is that they have the skills, talent, experience to deliver the albums at the earliest. 

Why is it so freaking expensive?

I kept asking myself the same question repeatedly until I finally turned my passion into an occupation. The costs are nothing compared to what we have to pay. The more obvious thing to know is that it includes paying the team, editing with paid applications, putting it in an album and the equipment that comes with it. 
You don’t know until you have invested in photography as a full-time job. 
Here are a few reasons why photography is expensive,

1.Equipment and the cost of doing business

You start taking deep breathes once you hear about the budget ranging from 5000 to 6000 dollars. But that’s never going into the pocket of the photographer. It includes investing in equipment, paying fellow photographers if extra pair of hands was required at the wedding.
The equipment includes getting more lenses at the end of the year for every camera because technology keeps updating. The reason photography is expensive is because of the photography gear that may be damaged and unfiled by the insurance. 
A single pair of professional cameras cost more than $1000. For emergency purposes, the photographers usually keep an extra one. That means $2000 for two cameras and the lenses expense that comes with it is extra. 

2.There are many, many unseen hours

Behind the professional photography, there are hidden hours of work. The editing, applications paid for every month, and more, everything is included in this budget. 
The photographers must highlight the pictures in higher resolution to get the exact amount of light required on the album. Otherwise, the pixels will disrupt, and the picture will appear distorted. That’s why professional photographers much more time on making photographs than those without experience. 
Many people tell us it’s a click of the button, and anybody can settle in different angles for the photograph. 
Was this enough to answer your question?

3.Photography takes more than just time

Photography isn’t just about investing hours in editing and taking the right shot. Its also at the expense of experience, skills, and more. Not to forget, the rates go higher with experience. Models of Vogue preferred me over other photographers and given a people’s choice award.

I made mistakes, learned with every shot I took with my cameras, got into photography classes, invested time and money into learning. My experience and skills got polished and honed better than those who are only stepping into the game.

4.Photography brings value to your business

The right photographer will bring value to your business. It includes the idea of how you do what you do. An unprofessional photographer who charges less per hour might not have the experience to mold the products into a more approachable way. Another reason why photography is expensive is for the skills. 
A licensed photographer can grant copyright issues to the client if the pictures are used without his consent or unpaid.  

5.Ways to lower the cost

You can lower the costs of the wedding photographs. One way is to reduce the hours’ photographer will be spending on the premises. Another way is limiting the quantity of the pictures. Less editing time means lesser time spent on the photographs and lesser costs. 

A Final Note

Photography is expensive because of the skills and experience. If you hire someone with lesser experience for your big, it will be a disaster, or so I have heard. Not to forget, with little more money, you can get shots from a professional who will give you unforgettable moments in an album.

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