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Michelle and Joseph Gonzales

Michelle and Joseph Gonzales

Michelle and Joe have an amazing small wedding inside a CA mansion. Joe is one of my Black Belts at Ageless martial Arts and he asked me to personally due a short video. He let me stay at his grandparents who were Japanese couple. After a 3-4 day ceremony I captured a wonderful couple.

Hikaru and Aarons

Hikaru and Aarons

I wanted to say what a huge pleasure it was to do this wedding. This couple was very loving and welcoming form beginning to end. It was a huge pleasure to serve this family and create true love and make it came to life.

Preferred Vendor

Lorenzo Sandoval does photography all-around the las Vegas valley in Henderson. We offer great services around this town if you are away from Las Vegas and you want more of a desert vibe.

If a picture tells a thousand words, a video is capable of telling a million.
With an eye for cohesive storytelling, Lorenzo Sandoval and his team of professional wedding videographers in Las Vegas, Nevada craft playback-ready wedding videos and create unforgettable memories that you will keep revisiting again and again a lifetime later.
Imagine majestic green trees shimmer in the soft sun of late afternoon, as a gentle breeze rustles through, carrying the quiet conversation of gathered guests. A little flower girl with a huge bow in her hair stumbles her way down the aisle. A father squeezes the hand of his all-grown-up daughter one last time, as they step toward the husband-to-be awaiting under the wedding arch overflowing with flowers.
Hear the love and emotion in the voice of your partner as they read you their vows, and the pride hiding behind the humble speech of your parents. See your own grace and elegance in “the dress”. Share the laughter and joy of your wedding magic with your loved ones long after the wedding day has passed.
Revisit your love story again and again with wedding videography in Las Vegas, NV.

Is Wedding Videography in Las Vegas Worth It?

Believe it or not, not getting a video on a wedding day is one of the most common regrets you can hear from newlyweds.
While professional wedding photography from Lorenzo Sandoval will surely capture the most precious moments from your day, there are some things that photos can miss. Having a skilled videographer on the scene will ensure that you’ll capture all the smallest details of your biggest day – wrapped up in one beautiful video that you will cherish for years to come.
Here is what you get when you choose to work with us on capturing your day with Las Vegas wedding videography:

Record of Precious Audible Moments

One of the biggest advantages of Las Vegas wedding videography is that video is able to capture audible moments, like your mother’s tearful words of wisdom during the toast, your partner’s reaction to seeing you in your polished outfit, or your grandmother’s laugh as she hits the dance floor with your grandfather.
These are memories that you will come back to long after the wedding day is over, and a professional wedding video will preserve them forever.

Dynamic Memories

Another big differentiator between photography and videography is the movement. How did you walk down the aisle? How did you perfect your first dance? How crazy did the best man get at the party?
These actions set the mood of the entire night and reveal genuine emotion, and seeing all of them in motion is truly priceless.

Barely-There Filming

Forget the idea that filming a video means lights-camera-action thrown in your face all night long, – at Lorenzo Sandoval, we embrace a more discrete, documentary-style filming. This means that you may not even notice us until we are handing you a gorgeous video of your big day.

A Display of Your Style and Personality

While it may be important for your wedding photos to look timeless, as they are going to be displayed on your walls for years to come, wedding videos allow you to get creative.
By building authentic relationships with our clients and letting their own vision lead the way, we are happy to deliver videos flooded with vibrant emotion, personality, and joy of life. Our professional team will be able to deliver something a little trendier (if you’d like!), while still looking classic.

Perfectly-Captured In-Between Moments

While our professional photography services will ensure to capture both posed and candid shots, you would still need a Las Vegas wedding videographer for anything in-between. And, since there is no posing, you won’t need to worry about looking awkward or stiff on film, – all you need to do is relax and enjoy the party.

Short and Sweet Final Video

Forget the idea of a wedding film that looks like a boring one hour-long slideshow. Instead, we will simply capture the most important, sweetest highlights of your day and package them into an engaging 15-20 minute highlight reel.

Choose Lorenzo Sandoval for Your Las Vegas Wedding Videography

Choosing the right photographer and videographer can be one of the most important decisions to make for your wedding day. You want to see real, tasteful, and beautifully-composed moments captured throughout the day.
At Lorenzo Sandoval, we love to delightfully surprise our clients with final products that exceed all expectations. Our mission is to safeguard the most special day in your mind and heart forever. We will record the emotions of your wedding day through the eyes of your loved ones and allow you to see what a beautiful day it truly was, over and over again.
Are you excited to see a small cinematic film featuring you and the love of your life, raw emotions and sweet words from these little romantic moments, and, of course, your friends and family celebrating the most important day by your side?
Our professional team of Las Vegas wedding videographers will create a real time capsule to keep the moments that mean the most. In your personalized consultation, we will be happy to hear from you all about your stunning plans and what you love about each other the most.
We can’t wait to hear from you and hop on this exciting journey by your side on the way to the most unforgettable day of your life!

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