Wedding Photography and Videography in Hawaii

Destination weddings are a trend these days especially the weddings in Hawaii. More and more people now want their wedding to be in an outdoor place such as a beach in Hawaii rather than in town halls,restaurants and churches. It makes wedding more romantic and something out of a fairytale. Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations in US where people want to get married. They prefer beaches as they make weddings ever so beautiful. 

Photography in Hawaii

Photography in a destination wedding become needs to be even more precise and exquisite. People spend a lot of money on a destination wedding and they want everything to be perfect. In addition to spending money on booking the venue, a great amount of money is also spent on decor and arrangements. So, capturing the essence and beauty of the location as well as taking into account every other detail is important. Wedding at Hawaii should be poetic and something out of a love story book. 

Focus on scenery and details

Our team at LORANZO SANDOVAL will make sure that you get the photographers and videographers who understand why you chose Hawaii as your wedding location and what must be captured in a wedding in Hawaii. The background, the scenery, the beach, everything would be paid utmost attention. We shall listen and understand exactly what do you want out of a Hawaii wedding. What details to focus on, what the background should be and what specific things are to be included must in the pictures and the videos .You can show us references and we shall try to get the pictures as precise as you would want them to be.

Inspiration for artists

Such weddings are an inspiration for our artists as well. They feel enormous joy in taking pictures making a wedding video where the scenery is splendid, it gives them options and ideas to work with. They are enthusiastic about such events and put their heart and soul in the videos and photos to make them look as exotic as the scenery in Hawaii is. Such surroundings bring into light the talent of the artist which we aim to show in your pictures.


Videography of the event at a destination like Hawaii should be even more serene and focusing on each and every detail. Elements in the décor and the patterns and colors in the sea and sky should be paid adequate and our veideographers will make sure of that. They will make the video as beautiful as you would have imagined in your head, something out of a movie. All your references and suggestions would be paid enormous attention and would be executed in the video. 


Weddings at Hawaii are like a breath of fresh air, so the pictures should look like that too. They should show tranquility and the beauty of the nature. Our photographers will make sure that essence of a beach wedding is evident in your photos. In addition to the scenery, your décor and details that show your personality and make the wedding more personal and an emotional event would also be captured in the pictures that our photographers will take.

Hawaii weddings are stressful as most of the preparations are done by the wedding planners. People choose such weddings so they do not have to focus on the nitty gritties of the event. They want to sit back and relax. They want to look happy, rested and composed. We will do our best to show that calm, pretty and happy version of you in your wedding pictures in Hawaii. 

Destination weddings are everybody’s favorite especially a beach wedding. It is one of our favorite events to shoot too. It adds more depth and meaning to the wedding pictures which we immortalize through our photography and videography. We want to make your wedding at a beautiful place more splendid by capturing the dreaminess of a place such as Hawaii so that you can look back at the pictures with a smile and reminicinse the charm of the place and also of the wedding whenever you would look at the pictures. Hawaii and weddings are two beautiful things in the world and we take that very seriously. 

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