Tips on planning your wedding day

Weddings are the big days that end in 24 hours, but it takes a year of planning. Without a planned wedding, you might not be making the best budget and planning for your big day. You need to get a pencil and paper as soon as you say yes and write all the plans you have to make it a dreamy wedding.

Without wasting a single second, you need to get into the preparations. Since the COVID, many things are getting restricted one by one. There might be ease too, but if you are a juggler and love having people around, don’t waste time and start planning your wedding day.

Top Tips for planning your wedding day

1. Start with the early booking of a photographer and event planner

You can negotiate by first talking about the market pricing. Research for yourself a lit bit about the ongoing rates that the professionals and new photography businesses. Educate yourself and ask them about the expertise. No professional will provide their services with a 50% discount for you as the new customer. Look at your budget and find people that come under it.

Ask them for a list of everything that will be included in the package. To make sure you don’t pay for extras, eliminate services that don’t come under your budget. Once you see the list, you can avoid hidden charges.

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2. Make your budget

You can start with making a budget. Your budget must include the list of people you will be inviting over. Then you can move to shop for the dress. Prioritize things and write in ascending order. Once you reach the end, re-read the list and make amends.

3. Decide Formality and Overall Theme

It’s a big day for both of you. Don’t decide everything by yourself. Take a chance and ask the significant other about their likes and dislikes at a wedding. Upon reaching a mutual decision, you can then decide on a theme color for the bridesmaids and groomsmen colors.

4. One Contract and Point of Contact

When it’s an all-in-one offer, very rarely will you see the couple declining the offer? With one contract and point of contact, you can arrange everything. One call to the same company and asking them about arrival time for the team is better than making multiple calls to different companies.

5. The venue, Cater, Theme

You will feel overwhelmed after some time. The reason may be because you are not used to planning pre-weddings without some help. In between shopping, you need to be ready to find a venue. Roam around places, ask friends and family for short-listing places, and get help from bridesmaids who will drive you down the venue. Some venues give an option of catering too. Try choosing the ones who come under your budget.

6. Food for wedding and Bachelor Party booking

Weddings without bachelor parties are incomplete. You need to decide on a theme for the bachelorette party alongside food for the wedding. These go side by side because you will then be free from all planning and done with everything before attending the last party as a single.

How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost?

Typically, a wedding photographer charges by per hour rate. The costs can go as high as tens of thousands of dollars or as low as 500 dollars. It depends on how efficient the photographer is and, with their experience, how much is going to give back.

Some offer the only photographer for 500 dollars while other offer photography, videography, and albums along with it. The charges depend on how much the photographers are willing to put in the session, including editing, candid photography, clearing out any blur picture, etc.

What's Included in a Wedding Photographer's Pricing?

Technically, a wedding photographer’s pricing will include two or more photographers depending on the event, a videographer, a candid photographer, and some types of equipment to help with the photoshoot. The team of photographers will do event coverage, couple shoot, candid photographs, and do videography.

After the event, the photographer will provide the album and an event video. The album can be of the couple, candid shoots, whole event, or all, depending on the budget. Technically, the videographer and photographer don’t come together. But some husband and wife teams provide both.

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