It is known to be an event which is organized by Spanish people for their females when they reach to an age of 15. It is her pathway from the teenage towards an adulthood where a life is going to be changed. They expect the changes in their lives, to which Spanish people celebrate to welcome good phase of life. This shows their positive behavior and energy towards an upcoming phase of life. They are strongly encouraged to spend their life with a zeal in their heart, and give them a refresh start so they will be motivated for their life to be led in an inspiring way. 


It is a traditional way of celebrating an event that welcomes the new phase in a person’s life. It is religiously a known event in their culture due to which it holds an importance in their lives. They expect this event to be held in a best possible way because this event mesmerizes the memories for life. It happens in a golden stage of life when a female is undergoing through emotional and hormonal stage in their life. This is a stage when they are officially declared from girl to women, and welcomed to this phase of life. This traditional event includes several activities which are planned to proceed this event in a perfect way, because it acts as one of the memorable events in life of a girl. They have expectations for this event to be held I such a way that it distinguishes from all others, and is in accordance to their wishes.

Photography/Videography Consultation

It proceeds through following steps;

A girl walks through a floor or stage with her parents and grandparents. They are a center of attraction of that event, they are presented to the audience like a doll. Their outwear is adjacent to the ferries and dolls which are in our imaginations, with a decent color of choice.

Her outwear is as decent as she is complementing the event, well-dressed and color coordination is effective. The way the shoes are chosen are just making her beautiful. She changes her shoes, which is a part of their culture, when she comes in an event. We will be arranging this in such a way that the shoes will be comfortable and the female is enjoying her event in them. 

With their entry in an event, their name is announced as a court of honor of an event.

Music is kept light and welcoming on her entrance, and then changed with respect to event activities. She dances with her father, for which a soothing music is expected to be played. We ensure our customers that we will handle these things actively. 

The color theme of the whole event is alike the way girl is dressed; her color code is matching with the theme of an event. We are providing these services; we will be choosing best color of our customers choice that will add up to their memorable event. 

Food is also arranged for guests; it includes diversity of dishes. It is done for people to enjoy their event to the best and give her gifts which she will be remembering for future.

This day is started when a Quinceañera start dancing, her dance amuses everyone attending the event. Her first dance is with her father, it is no doubt that this is a best event of her life when she is dancing with her father and cherishing those moments. Fathers are the pillars of our families, and such event complements family for their support till this age that she is able to reach a mature phase of life.

We will be selecting such color theme that the whole event will be memorable for everyone. It will be a best memory for a girl, we will cover the decoration and shooting part that every section of event is captured. She doesn’t have to worry about the quality, our customers are our priority and we assure to provide the qualitative work. She will be enjoying her event that is well-managed and she is just living those moments to her full. We will be providing this service of event coverage, and when we will be giving her pictures of this event, she can keep that print and digital pictures saved for time being.