Props for engagement photos

When organizing your wedding, engagement photos will definitely be one of the first thing on your checklist. A successful engagement session is the one that tells playful and fun things of the couple as a story and would be overwhelming. This can be achieved by using so many things like planning the venue, setting the scene, deciding what to wear and many more. These happy moments cannot be achieved without using props. To capture these moments, we are providing services of creative and seasonal “Engagement Props”.

Need of Engagement Props and Their Selection

For those who feel shy or uncomfortable in front of the camera, props are the best way to relax the couples during the photo session. By using props, the most fun moments are captured in your personality as a couple and this would be a moment to be remembered forever by both of you. Props can add unique style and personality to your engagement photo session. Props are selected based on couple interests, their personality, profession, scene and vibe of your photo session and your furry family member like dogs and cats.

Checkout our Props for Engagement Photos

On your special day, try posing with some special items (like props) other than engagement rings. Creating best use of props for capturing memorable moments needs a professional photographer. Some special engagement props are:

1.Engagement banners and buntings

The “Engaged “banner and buntings are ever well-liked as they are so versatile. These banners are hung up as a photo background or may be held up by yourselves from both ends.

2.Below the sky lanterns

Sky lanterns make a fantastic photoshoot for engagement.  They always add adoring charisma to the atmosphere. When you and your partner kiss and set the lantern free this precious moment will be captured and a lifelong memory will be built giving your spouse fairy-tale-like feelings.

3.Musical instruments

This is considered one of the unique props for engagement photoshoot. Every couple loves to listen to music , especially during their special time. This captivates the entire atmosphere of the photoshoot or engagement venue. Serenading your bride-to-be gives a candid moment and this will also the beauty of the photo shoot while sunrise or sunset.


These are the classic props for engagement photo shoots. A visually appealing hardcover book or a favorite book of your partner could be selected. Book covers should match the color theme of the engagement.

5.Use cotton candy

This makes superb engagement dessert. They can be the perfect prop for engagement. You can use it for sweet picture. You can share it, can play with it and can kiss behind it.

6.Scrabble letters

They are the classic and most inventive prop for engagement photos. You can hold scrabble letters such as “better together”, “ever and forever”. Heart letters can also be added to have more feelings in your pictures.

7.With your pets

If you and your partner are pet lovers you can bring your furry family members along with you but not for too long. Someone should be there to take care of them. The smiles and your playing moments will be fun loving and will last in your memories always.

8.Engaged balloon

Nobody can say that balloons cannot be used as props as they are an essential part of weddings. Small colorful balloons with decorative strings combining with other ornaments can build unique combinations.


One of the classic engagement prop ideas is confetti. For this type of prop, you do not need any pose for the photo session.  Photographers will take all the candid moments in the very first step when both of you are having funny moments. Both of you express your emotions of happiness and joy by throwing up confetti. Its different series of colors make memorable moments.

10.Engagement sparklers

They are the best props for engagement. The best and most beautiful way of their use is against the black background where pictures and letters can be drawn as well.

11.LED fairy lights

If the photoshoot is at evening or night time, LED fairy lights can be used. They are considered as the best engagement prop. These lights make photos royal and romantic. Lights can be used by hanging on the background or wrapping them around your body.

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