Persian weddings

Persian weddings represent a perfect blend of culture and modernism. The rituals of Persian weddings vary from region to region. In general, Persian weddings present a reflection of serenity and flourishment for a budding romance. The traditional Persian wedding is called Aroosi in ordinary language.

Pre-wedding Persian celebrations

The traditional pre-wedding rituals include a formal proposal ceremony called Baleh Boran and a henna night called Hana Bandan. These events are celebrated with full zeal and zest among the Persian individuals. These ceremonies got their origin from ancient roots and are passed from generation to generation. The Persian youth is noted to change their traditional customs into modern ones by adding modern Western influence.

The Uniqueness of Persian wedding

The whole Persian wedding ceremony is unique regarding the various events it includes. From the start of the courting and proposal ceremony called Khastegaree to the reception party called Mehmooni, every event is beautifully designed. The Persian bride is called Aroos, and the Persian groom is called Damad. These beautiful moments are captured by photographers so gracefully that the couple can re-live their special day and joyous moments every time they visit their photos.

Traditional Persian wedding

The traditional Persian wedding comprises two parts: the primary wedding ceremony called Aghd and the wedding reception called Mehmoni. The Aghd includes the union of two families, exchanging vows, exchanging wedding rings, and sharing the Sofreh Aghd elements. These Sofreh Aghd elements are distinguishing features of Persian weddings. All these events are celebrated with intimate joy, and we are always present to capture these precious moments behind the lens ethnically.

Sofreh Aghd elements

Sofreh Aghd represents the elements and blessings for the couple’s new life. Sofreh Aghd usually accompanies the couple seating place called Mokhaddeh in Persian customs. One of the significant elements of Sofreh Aghd is the mirror, also called Ayeenah which is placed beside the wedding table and after the ceremony is placed in the couple’s home. This mirror is indicative of the bright future of the couple. It is traditional for the Persian bride to enter the room veiled, and the groom sights the bride’s first look in the mirror. These are some glamorous scenes to click on, and our photography team is there to make your big day smile like a special one. Shamdoon is another element of Sofreh Aghd, which is representative of purity, dignity, and energy. Shamdoon means candles and candelabras, which are lightened, and their light symbolizes the clarity and trust of the couple in each other for their future life. Most of the Persian weddings influenced by Zoroastrianism are celebrated around the fire.  The Holy book of choice and, sometimes, the Hafez book of poetry are also called elements of Sofreh Aghd. These holy books are symbols of love, harmony, energy, and blessings for the couple. 

The Persian flatbread called Noone Sangak is rolled up into various shapes as a symbol of prosperity, and feasts are another element of sofreh aghd. Another very famous element of sofreh aghd is Esfand. It is a tradition celebrated to drift all the malice and ill-will from the couple and bless them with happy prayers. A woman usually precedes the Persian bride as she walks down the aisle burning Esfand. When the bride sits down, the incense is set on the sofreh aghd to remove all the negativities from the couple’s holy union. These menial elements made these Persian weddings a role model of pleasure, tradition, and modernity. Even these minor details are captured so efficiently by us that it would feel like your big day!

Aroos detailed photography

After arriving, the first thing is the elaborative photography of the bride’s and the groom’s wedding attire, their jewelry, and flower bouquets. Photos mean not only the clicks but also the memories. We are dedicated to providing the best memories and the scenes you have planned for months. We are mindful of the importance of this day and are striving to give you marvelous results so that whenever you look back, you feel that you have celebrated your day once again. 


At the reception ceremony called mehmooni, the couple cuts their wedding cake with beautiful smiles on their faces. After the cake is served, there is a dance during which the rose petals are showered on the newlyweds.

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