Jewish Wedding Photography

The cultural and religious Jewish Wedding Ceremonies are full of passion and candid moments. We are designed to get a rare mix of large perspectives and close-up shots, expecting laughter and intimate times during the Jewish wedding ceremony from a wide range of angles. A Jewish wedding ceremony is so rich in ceremonies and we make your best day even better by our wedding photography. Choosing your wedding photographer wisely is very necessary because a wedding is nothing without good photography. We promise you the best wedding photography by capturing every single ritual and tradition with as many emotions as you do it with. Because we believe that wedding photography is not a business but a privilege to be done with passion.

Let’s ride with a to a Jewish wedding ceremonies

1. Aufruf

A Jewish couple is called upon on the Sabbath before the Jewish wedding ceremony, meaning “call” in Yiddish. At this wedding ceremony, the couple is called together, before and after reading the Torah, to recite an aliya or a special blessing. This is a beautiful time for wedding photography when the couple passes their first look at each other. A spiritual sort of wedding photography can be captured when the rabbi blesses the couple and their imminent wedding. We tend to cover the ultimate happiness when guests toss sweets to celebrate with the couple following a small reception before the beginning of an actual magnificent Jewish wedding.

2. Bedeken

A bedeken service is held before the wedding in more Orthodox cultures. The bride and wife are split until the bedeken. Then the bride is made to sit on a throne and this is the best moment during the whole wedding photography when the joyful smiles of the families are captured when the groom moves toward the bride with utmost passion. The groom puts a veil on the bride while the guests sing and dance. The cherished tradition is made more memorable with our sensational wedding photography.

3. Ketubah

Ketubah is one of the most celebrated moments in the Jewish Wedding. Since it is a personal and sensual moment between the bride and groom and their nearest families and friends, the Ketubah signing at a Jewish wedding is a perfect moment to catch in your wedding day photography. Being present at the Ketubah signing is considered a tremendous privilege because this means all of the most beloved persons are in one single location – the ideal setting for meaningful and special wedding photography, free from the interference of other visitors. Traditionally, a ketubah signing ceremony is arranged just before the wedding ceremony. The pair selects two witnesses other than the blood relatives to sign the ketubah alongside them, and a rabbi or an officiant, as well as close relatives, are present for this significant moment. During a Jewish wedding service, the signed ketubah is often shown and beautifully shot in wedding photography.


The Chuppah is an important component of the Jewish Wedding Ceremony. This canopy consists of four poles that can stand alone or be supported by members of the wedding party or honourable guests. The chuppah can be plain or intricate according to the desires of the couple and their families. The chuppah reflects the establishment of a Jewish home and hospitality for the visitors gathered and we shoot it with the same honour. The couple’s officer and parents stood under the chuppah under a Jewish wedding ritual along with the young couple soon to be together. The two souls become one under the canopy and we gladly capture this sensuous moment to make it evergreen for you. Chuppahs are not only lovely and symbolic structures; they very frequently screen out the sunshine to provide amazing portraits. This makes the family’s formalities or even imaginative pair portraits stunning backgrounds for our wedding photography.

5.The Glass Breaking

The groom drops a bottle (normally wrapped in a bag or a sheet to prevent injury!), with his right foot during the last minutes of the marriage ceremony. Then the pair would normally kiss and we make this photograph shine like a moon in the cluster wedding photography.  The guests yell “CONGRATULATIONS!” and we cover this glorious moment making every laughter prominent in the wedding photography. 

6.Hora Dance

The dance Hora is a very exciting and cheerful aspect of the Jewish wedding culture. It generates the most real, frank display of enthusiasm, happiness and pure fun! The guests join hands and dance in a circle with or around the couple. The fun and joyful tradition of hora dance is a pleasure for family members of all ages and the perfect happy ending for wedding photography.

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