Filipino Weddings

Being a Filipino, if you are looking up for a mesmerizing and perfect wedding shoot, you have brought yourself to the right place. We are offering beautiful wedding clicks that help couples relishing the joy of wedding years later. Filipino weddings are known to leave everlasting impressions on the paths of tradition and culture. These weddings are sources that celebrate the union of two families. The glittering attires of families, the serene aura and, ever famous Tinikling folk dance are some of the unique features of Filipino weddings.

Photography of wedding ceremony

The ceremony is clustered around the guests of both families called sponsors. These guests, in addition to bridesmaids and groomsmen, are titles as principal sponsors and secondary sponsors.About four sets of secondary sponsors are invited. These are coin sponsors, veil sponsors, cord sponsors and, candle sponsors, respectively. These are mostly the uncles, aunts, and other close family members invited to attend the Filipino catholic customs of the wedding.

Catholic Coin Ceremony " The Arras"

The tradition is celebrated to enhance the love and care between the couple. In this tradition, a pouch containing 13 coins is brought to the altar by coin sponsors. Then the groom is asked to gift these holy coins to his bride and make promises for their better future. This sweet tradition is actually to flourish the affection between the couple. Usually, the groom announces vowes before the families, and sometimes, the couple mutually promises each other their trust and support. The photographers beautifully capture these ethnic moments.

Photography of Catholic Veil Ceremony

This elegant tradition involves bonding two individuals together to represent them as a sign of unity and protection. A white-colored veil is draped over the bride’s head and upon the groom’s shoulder by the veil sponsors. This tradition symbolizes the wish of the couple towards good health and flourishment.

Photography of Catholic candle ceremony "Unity Candle."

In the Filipino culture, this is the final custom identifying the bonding and unity of two individuals in a pure relation. This tradition is a measure that enables forgetting the past and walking towards the new pavement of their life. A beautiful candle place-holder is placed having two thin glowing candles at the sides and, one thick candle that is not lightened in the middle is placed before the couple. Each individual is asked to blow out the thin candles representing their past and, then the couple together lightens the thick middle candle representing their strength. This tradition is the most unique and impressive tradition of Filipino Weddings.

Photography of Catholic Cord Ceremony

This event is similar to the veil ceremony. A yugal shape code is placed over the couple’s head by the sponsors when the couple receives the blessings of their elders. This custom again is representative of the stalwart nature of the bond between the couple.

Filipino Wedding Dress photography

The Filipino wedding dresses are artistically carved into luxurious masterpieces. These dresses are called Filipiniana which, were designed using vibrant hues, delicate embroidery, elegant fabric and, butterfly shapes sleeves.  Now the modern Filipino wedding dresses which, are often white gowns with graceful patches of embroidery drawn on silk with little resemblance to the old filipiniana, have become the first choice of many Filipino brides. These pretty brides wearing light tone makeup are captured gracefully behind the lens. 

Photography of Filipino Groom attire "Barong Tagalog."

These white outer wears called Barong are worn by the Filipino groom and his male family members. The shirt consists of the best quality lightweight, hand-knotted fabric embellished with a U-shaped embroidery pattern. These are not tucked usually are carried over a white shirt.

Photography of Filipino Food.

Filipino weddings are unique regarding their foods. The treat dinner is dedicated to the new Mr. and Mrs. Consists of custom Filipino dishes like Longganisa, Lechon and, Kaldereta like many other mouthwatering dishes.

Photography of Filipino money dance.

The most famous dollar or apron dance is one of the enhancing features of Filipino weddings. Men and women are asked to align themselves in separate lines and dance one by the couple. Money received during the performances is considered financial assistance, and good luck for the new couple. This tradition is observed in some other cultures, and the fun scenes are so efficiently captured that one can enjoy these fun moments years later.

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