Desert Scenic Photography

Desert weddings are trending because of its weather, scenery and vibes. Essentially boho-meets -western vibe and natural colors palette of lands makes the background perfect and ideal location for wedding or even for any event. Cactus and other desert plants make unique decoration for wedding and couple need not to worry about rain on their wedding day. Although its temperature is high but it’s stealing attention as it is the most romantic place to tie the knot. Even if couple is not having an epic desert wedding venue, there are still many ways to infuse creativeness from the plain landscape.

Preparation Tips to Avoid Problems in Desert Scenic Weddings:

For those couples who want a styled wedding with limited number of people, deserts provides perfect and popular options. So, some essentials should be prepared first to avoid problems on your big day. These are:

1. Arrange a jet lag

If you have planned your wedding in desert and you are travelling from some other country, it is suggested that try to arrange a jet. This will save your time and cannot be exhausted.

2. Keep hydrated and bring snacks

Because couples live in climate that are less extreme and they travel a long distance. So, be
sure to prepare drinks and simple snacks to keep your body hydrated and energetic. Distribute
snacks among guests. This will keep them happy.

3. Bring sunscreen, umbrellas and sunglasses

Being under the desert sun can cause sunburns on your skin and can irritate your eyes. These will not only discomfort you day but also leave a sunburn on your honeymoon night. In order to protect your body from sunburns, use sunscreen after every 30 minutes and decent colored umbrellas. For the protection of eyes use a pair of classy sunglasses as they make a remarkable wedding souvenir. These are the best options to protect couple if they have to stay for long period of time.

4. Bring spare comfortable shoes

Getting married in desert is like you have to walk on fine sand. On average, the locations where we have ceremonies are 20 miles away from the vehicle if you are not on jet. One of the best ways to avoid tiredness and not falling on rocks is to bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes along with your high heels.

5. Multi-layered clothing

If you have planned your wedding in winter, try to keep multi-layered clothing. This will make both of you comfortable. This situation also applies to summer season. The high temperature in deserts make them sweat and keep their body cooler. This is a kind of an extra layer of protection for your skin.

6. Bring lip balm

Use lipstick or lip balm with SPN factor to prevent your lips from getting dried during
your wedding kiss due to too much hot or cold.

Photography/Videography Consultation

Desert Weeding Decor Details

Some of the desert details are as follows:

  • Cacti invitation: Mail your guests a cute invite. They definitely won’t get sensitive when they get it. 
  • Succulent wedding favors: Take a recycled tin, put some tiny cacti and use them for desert wedding decor.  
  • Desert wedding dress: The princes skirt and short crop top make flirty and fun combo but is totally tasteful and cool due to high desert temperature. 
  • Desert botanical bouquet: Making bouquets by using desert plants is completely practical as there is no danger of wilting here. 
  • Cactus cake: A fleshy cactus makes a simple statement on a naked cake. 
  • Setting of rustic desert table: The copper inflections of this table arrangement luminously set off the white linens at this desert wedding.

  • Succulent flower: White roses with burlap ribbon gives rustic ambience which are much-loved for desert weddings.
  • See the stars: One of the best things of getting married in desert is the chance to see stars. if you are marri g under large dipper, celebrate it by constellation table numbers.
  • Desert wedding centerpiece: Desert wedding centerpieces are so easy to make by yourself by just rounding herbs, eucalypts, succulent, white and many other desert plants by putting them in small clay pots.  
  • Cacti-covered ceremony location: A ceremony location covered with cactus gives dramatic greenery, simple and gorgeous spot for a desert weeding.