Antarctica Wedding Photographer a Destination Wedding

Earlier, travelling to Antarctica remained exclusive to the heroic travellers looking for a unique breathtaking location off the beaten track. However, today anyone can travel to the remote region, even those searching for some unique and ultimate wedding destination. If you ever thought of getting married in Antarctica, you have a great choice. The snowy setting and awe-inspiring landscape of the continent make it a perfect wedding location away from the annoying crowds of the city.

When you are heading to the continent, you might be taking a cruise or a guided trip. The trickiest part is to get some fantastic photos of your wedding. While planning an Antarctic wedding, you need to pay equal importance to your wedding pictures. Hence, hiring a travel wedding photographer in Las Vegas is the best choice to preserve your wedding memories.

Some clients cannot understand your idea, unable to land on the same track as you. That’s where the mood board in photography comes in and save you. Without letting you de-track from the route, mood boards set an idea of how you will do certain photography. 

The Look and Feel of an Antarctic Wedding

People planning their destination wedding or the southernmost continent of Antarctica inquire about their adventurous wedding on the snowy island. You have three incredible options for exploring the continent:

  • Discovering the interior of Antarctica at a luxury camp
  • A combination of flying and sailing and 
  • Sailing on different ship types for twelve days, consisting of basic to luxury accommodation. 

Imagine yourself on the icy wonderland in your waterproof gear and jumping into a kayak. While paddling, you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty surrounding you. Undoubtedly, the adventurous visit to the continent happens once in a lifetime.

Your travel destination photographer will lead you to the most beautifully lighted rocky glacier. Now you can anchor your kayaks, grab your bag with your beautiful wedding outfit and start with the elopement. After a short hike of 30 minutes, wearing your wedding outfit, you will say “I do,” standing in front of the breathtaking view of the glacier. You can also find yourself taking your vows in front of several species of penguins, professing your love. 

After your vows and other ceremonies, engage in some serious fun such as throwing snowballs, chasing the blue whales in a sea kayak, or grabbing a full view of the Arctic tundra from an aircraft. You can also arrange a sweet picnic with a dazzling view of the splendid island. It would be best if you can spend your wedding night ashore, glancing at the best views in the snow-laden continent of Antarctica from a camp. 

Why Destination Wedding Photographer is the Need of the Hour?

Here are the top four reasons for hiring a professional destination photographer for your Antarctic wedding or elopement.

You will inspire the client. A freelance mood board template helps in understanding the idea of not WHAT but HOW of the project. Through a visual mood board, you can share it with others, ask for collaboration and suggestions on improving it. 

A Fresh Vision

Most couples wonder how the photographers would find the best spots for their photos in an unfamiliar location. Most photographers visit the same venues repeatedly, make it a routine and photograph each wedding similarly. A destination photographer unfamiliar with a location comes with fresh eyes and eagerness to find unique spots. It might be they have never heard that pond will create a beautiful background for the wedding party pictures and find something fresh and new

But here’s how you can create it,

Destination Wedding Photographers are Less Expensive

Usually, the wedding market in popular destination spots is relatively high. However, hiring local photographers cost on the higher side. However, you will also not be able to hire photographers in Antarctica, and destination photographers having to visit the continent for the first time might charge less.

Travelling Photographers Shoot with Excitement and Wonder

The best travel wedding photographer will love travelling and have an insatiable desire to explore and document love in new places like Antarctica. Exploration and documentation of love and vows in new places thrills and rejuvenates their creativity. 

Easier Communication without any Language Barrier

While you hire a destination wedding photographer, you need not worry if they speak your language. Without any language barrier, you have nothing to stress. You need to worry about the communication before, during, and after your wedding day, as you get to facilitate direct communication with them throughout the process. 

4.Customizing your mood boards for a branded experience

Before you move towards finalizing a mood board in photography, customize to get it approved. You can share it with the client again and again, asking for suggestions. You can also forward it for collaborations and suggestions on improving the colors. Your bold might not be the client’s idea of bold. Avoid wasting your hard work on mood board template and customize it accordingly. 

Final Notes

Antarctica remains on the bucket list for most travel wedding photographers. Even some offer higher discounts on their travels within their services for accommodating travel costs. It is best to plan before your destination and select a destination photographer who loves the outdoors, travelling, and creativity. 

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