5 Places To Have Your Dream Destination Wedding Within Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most underrated countries for a destination wedding. The northern areas are cold; give a lavish look and best for a get-together to wed amidst close friends only. Not to forget, a destination wedding in Pakistan is one of the topmost demanded weddings in the world. 

The sky is blue, and the weather is gorgeous. No bride would feel too cold to wear a jacket after every shot or redo their makeup after a couple’s shoot because it keeps melting from the heat. Pakistani destination weddings are a dream come true, and it is also a charm of getting married amidst a couple of friends and closest family. 

Still with me?

Destination weddings are much cheaper than a venue wedding. It can cost only $1000 to $5000 for a Pakistani destination wedding but much more if it’s the other way around. 

What’s a desi-tination wedding?

A desi-tination wedding is a Pakistani destination wedding where people gather from different country cities and travel to the northern areas for the wedding. It depicts warmth, love, and the special feeling of getting ready every day at a new destination and has a natural yet heavy backdrop. 

Some power couples believe a destination wedding in Pakistan is a notion of care from people who join them in every city. It shows how they can have a wedding without spending dollars. This idea raises excitement, passion, and a chance to see the whole country. 

5 Places to Have Your Dream Destination Wedding

There are a lot of places where you can have a destination wedding in Pakistan. Murree, neelum valley, Kumrat valley, are places to travel, but the roads and rush don’t make them the first destination for a destination wedding. Here the five places to have your dream destination wedding in Pakistan,

1.Banjosa Lake

Banjosa lake has the perfect view for a romantic yet exotic view for a wedding. Not to forget, it also has cold weather since it is located 18 kilometers from Rawlakot, Azad Kashmir, one of the best places for a destination wedding or honeymoon.

2.Hunza Valley

Starry night or shining sun, Hunza valley is one of the prettiest places you can wed. The valley is surrounded by forests on one side and mountains on the other. In between, there is flowing water that makes it a must-be place for exchanging your vows

3.Shangrila Resort Skardu

Surrounded by Karakoram Mountains, the shangrila resort is just 18 kilometers away from Skardu. The cold weather and astounding views make it a dream place for couples to shoot. 

4.Khaplu Palace

You might like some colors in the photos or details in another. Save them and add them to your mood board template. The outcome comes mind boggling with all the research and communicates to the viewer what you are thinking about for a photography idea.

5.French Beach

The Maldives in Pakistan, that’s what residents of French Beach call it. It is located in Karachi and halfway between Hawks Bay and Paradise Point. Many people make it a must-be point in a destination wedding.

Changing stereotypes with desi-tination weddings

Pakistani wedding photographers love having a sight with natural views and an explicit natural look. It polishes their skills and enhances their experience. A challenging place where they can settle around, move and depict the perfect time for a couples shoot, that what Pakistani wedding photographers are all about. 

People wanted to move out of studios, spend less on weddings and more on themselves but with families. That’s when the trend of the desi-tination wedding started, and everyone started giving it heed. It enhances the passion a Pakistani wedding photographer will have. 

Is it worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it. The idea, notion, passion, traveling enthusiasm, you can fill every cup with a destination wedding. It’s a joy to travel with friends who help you through tough times and family who is there for you emotionally. You are spending less on unsatisfied people and more on closes friends who get to travel with you and enjoy every bit of the day. 

A Final Note

A Pakistani wedding photographer in a destination wedding is most excited yet challenged. But it is worth a shot to give your wedding a new excitement for everyone who will be joining you. 

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