Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

Your magical wedding has passed. The guests have returned home, and the gifts have been opened. As
you take a moment to reflect on the beauty and symbolism of the day you joined your lives together, it is
also the perfect time to put together a sincere thank you card for all the amazing people who supported
you on this momentous occasion.
Thank you cards are a must-have item after such a celebration. There are many ideas to choose from, as
well as inclusions to make them individualized to you and your spouse. Creating unique Las Vegas
wedding photography or Las Vegas elopement photography moments to include in albums, your home
and even your thank you’s is something I am passionate about. Today, I am going to help you navigate
the world of these notes of gratitude and assist you with design touches that will bring your guests
heartfelt thanks, whether they are near or far.
As a Las Vegas wedding photographer, I am often asked to provide my clients with images and ideas to
be used in creating post-nuptial thank you notes. You want each of your guests to know how special they
are to you, and a great thank you is a way to do this. The more you can personalize your card, the more
impact it can have.
As you put together your thank you card, you may want to consider matching it thematically or with the
same color scheme as your invitations and other wedding-related stationery. Keeping a similar style can
provide a cohesive wedding look from your initial Save the Date announcements, perhaps featuring a
snap from your Las Vegas engagement photography session, all the way through your final thanks.
As far as the visual statement you will want to make with your wedding thank you cards, there are a
variety of fonts and graphic design layouts that can be used. Cards can be single-sided, double-sided, or
folded. They can come in many shapes and sizes and even be die-cut with cutouts or decorative edges.
The types of stocks and finishes available for printing is vast. In fact, it seems that there are as many
thank you card design combinations as there are couples.
As a Las Vegas wedding photographer, I am always recommending that my couples include some of their
favorite wedding day images in their thank you cards to take everyone back to that happy day. These
captures often exude the excitement and gratitude you have for your loved ones being with you for your
celebration. Your smiles will be sure to bring them a smile every time they see your note. Some of my
personal favorite shot choices include:
? A favorite candid from your reception
? A posed shot including your bridal party spelling out the words, “thank you!”
? An image of the kiss from your Las Vegas elopement photography session
Breathtaking Las Vegas wedding photography can provide the perfect backdrop for your written
expression of gratitude. Whether your friends and family attended in person or sent a gift, there are
several elements you will want to make sure you include to create the perfect thank you note.
? Make mention that you were grateful for their attendance or missed them if they were unable to
make your event.
? Thank them for the specific gift they sent. Although many send generic printed thank yous, I
always encourage taking the time to personalize your communication.

? Tell your loved one how you plan to enjoy the gift you received.
? End with a short statement of what your guest means to you.
Once you have put together the perfect reflection of your gratitude, make sure to send your thank yous
within 6-8 weeks of your wedding date. Your guests will be impressed by your impeccable manners and
surely glad to see you and your beloved are loving your new lives together.
A well thought out thank you isn’t simply a note of gratitude, but it is an opportunity to make those
special people in your life feel valued and bring them joy. This is the same thing I try to do every time I
meet and work with my treasured Las Vegas Engagement and Las Vegas Wedding Photography clients. It
is my honor to be entrusted to capture all of the love and joy in your once in a lifetime moments.

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