Scenic wedding and engagement photo locations in Las Vegas

We all have a picture in our mind whenever we hear Las Vegas wedding; yes, it does involve a
bright sign behind. If you are a local or visitor searching for a Wild West adventure or
unconventional locations in Nevada, I have the ultimate guide of unknow and Instagram worthy
locations for your photo shoot. And do not get me wrong, I am a local, the lights and the city are in
my bones, but not so many people get to see the other face of this beautiful place I call home,
surrounded by National Parks, valleys, and canyons, a true wonder of nature.


Red Rock Canyon
Located a few miles west of Las Vegas, this National Conservation Area is known for its natural and
geological richness. Red Rock Canyon offers breathtaking scenic views of red mountains, and
depending on the season you choose to visit, trees can go from green to gray in the winter. One of
the pros of this spot is that you can easily access it without climbing or hiking, perfect for brides.
The best time of the year to visit is from fall to spring. Summer is only for the brave ones as
temperatures range into the 100s.

Floyd Lamb Park
Just northwest Las Vegas, you will find this 680-acre oasis. Your pictures will have lush foliage and
vegetation, a calm lake, and a tree-filled view. This is an ideal location for a couple trying to get
away from the classic Las Vegas pictures and neon lights. You will not believe you are still in the

Springs Preserve
Three miles west from the busyness of the city, you can find this hidden gem. With 180-acres of
nature, you will find the right spot to take amazing pictures with your loved one. Ideal for couples
that are looking to have some nature but more in the garden-like way. It is easy to access and near
the city. You can even celebrate your wedding there.

Valley of Fire
Are you feeling like taking a one-hour road trip to enter a unique State Park with 40,000 acres of
red sandstone that provide the name of this fantastic place? Valley of fire has the ideal
background for your wedding. Just imagine how much will your white dress stand out from that
red scenery.

I always recommend these amazing places to have unique images of such a special day. You can
also have some pictures taken in the classic Las Vegas-style, but give yourself the opportunity of
scaping the city and enjoy the magic of this ancient location with over two thousand years of
history. And remember that if you are looking for someone to capture your wedding, I would love
to be part of your love story.
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