10 Best Wedding Venues In Las Vegas

Hello, Lorenzo here, your Las Vegas wedding photographer, let me show you some of the best wedding venues in Las Vegas.

Did you know that in 2019 alone, there were 66,686 weddings in Las Vegas with an average cost of $20,564 per
wedding? The huge statistic explains why the metropolitan area has some of the most spectacular and beautiful wedding venues globally. Las Vegas also prides itself on some of the most bizarre and expensive celebrity weddings in recent years. From Britney Spears and Jason Alexander to David Harbour and singer Lily Allen, this city provides all.

The town holds more wedding ceremonies than anywhere in the world. Part of the reason is that couples do not have to undergo blood tests, and there are no waiting periods. The only fundamental requirement here is the consent of two adults agreeing to tie the knot, and of course, the money to hire a suitable venue.

As a Las Vegas wedding photographer, my goal is to capture your wedding in the best wedding venues in Las
Vegas. Whether your doing wedding, elopements, or engagements photography I want to show you their best
venues that Vegas has to offer. Due to the influx in the market, getting a top wedding venue can be difficult, especially with most people looking to get maximum profits out of the boom. That is why we did a little research on some of the venues you could hire and come up with our top ten best wedding venues in Las Vegas


Graceland Wedding Chapel

Graceland Wedding Chapel is the pioneer in Elvis themed weddings and was the first Chapel in the world to conduct such a ceremony in 1977. The Chapel boasts of over 70 years of existence with the same old originality at its disposal and is the most photographed wedding chapel globally.
The iconic venue offers big traditional weddings, super-fun, and the famous Elvis themed wedding ceremonies. It is a great venue whether you want a legal wedding ceremony with the love of your life or you want to renew the vows.

The traditional looking Chapel offers internet broadcasting to make your dream Las Vegas wedding memorable for eternity. You will enjoy other services, including fresh flowers, silk flowers, limousine services, digital video
recording technology, and digital photographing.

If you decide to tie the knot here, you will be joining a list of most celebrities. Among them are famous musicians
and actors like Jon Bon Jovi, Johnny Depp, Matthew Perry, Salma Hayek, Aaron Neville, and Billy Ray Cyrus. The
venue is also popular with prominent groups like Def Lepard, KISS, The Thompson Twins, and Deep Purple.
You can get your wedding ceremony conducted in five major languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian. They offer services at various prices depending on what you want and your financial ability. The least
package goes for $199.

Juno Garden at Caesars Palace.

Juno Garden at Caesars Palace provides an authentic Roman experience with steadfast faithfulness to the Caesars Palace tradition. The palace offers an unmatched experience for romantic engagements and memorable
destination weddings. They have a range of wedding and reception packages to cater to the taste and preference of everyone. The beautiful venue features a blooming colorful floral landscape. The Venus garden has a typical Roman architectural garden with the capacity to accommodate up to 114 guests. It resembles a Roman temple with a koi fishpond, fountain, and stone-tiled aisle.

The classic chapels boast classical beige, cream, and light blue colors to provide you with the perfect wedding
ambiance. It has well-designed chandeliers, stained glass windows, and a beautiful floral arrangement to add to this charm and grace. It can accommodate up to 196 guests.

At the Romano, you get the authentic and first-hand experience of an actual roman wedding. Everything in this
small building resembles ancient Rome to the tiniest details. The quiet and intimate wedding venue only accommodates 35 seats.

The other two places popular with the Caesar palace are the Tuscana and Juno garden. The Tuscana provides a modern-day fairy tale while providing the romance and charm associated with the classical Old World Tuscany. It gives a timeless and memorable wedding event and  accommodates 80 guests.

The 128 seat Juno Garden, on the other hand, provides an excellent luxurious venue for you to tie the knot. It
boasts of a tropical-themed landscape with lush foliage and Roma architecture.

Your wedding ceremony at this unbeatable venue will be a memorable one from the numerous extras at the
offing. You will experience live characters of Roman guards, handmaidens, Caesar, and Cleopatra. Your guests will
also have the chance to enjoy five stare customized menus from top restaurants like Nobu and Rao’s.

Keep Memory Alive.

Keep Memory Alive wedding venue give you a unique one of a kind experience away from the overcrowded Las Vegas airstrip and the congested casinos. It is right in the Las Vegas Symphony Park  neighborhood, a short distance from the famous Las Vegas strip.

They are unrivaled in providing memorable unions with their uncompromising attention to detail. They turn every fantasy you have into reality. The venue features a complex Frank Gehry inspired undulating canopy of windows and stainless steel frames. The organizers also ensure that they give a matching theme for every color you want. If you are coming with purple or pink, they will set the all to blaze colors, radiating the same beam to go with it.

The fantastic wedding venue boasts of a grass lawn garden and breezeway with the capacity to host up to 1,500
guests. While at it, your guests will get to witness the glamorous touch of the Gehry-designed decors, furniture,
linens, and bars.

Another fantastic thing about the Keep Memory Alive Event Center is its 9,200 square-foot blank canvas. Here, you can accommodate a dinner party of up to 450 seated guests or 700 standing ones.

The exact location of Keep Memory Alive is at 888 W Bonneville Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89106

Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is a mere 45 minutes fly from the famous Strip. On a material day, you get to enjoy a glamorous limousine and private helicopter rides. The helicopter ride takes you across the most spectacular sceneries in the region, from the Hoover Dam to the desert landscapes.

This is actually one of my favorite spots, ask about our Las Vegas photography packages here and with a proper permit we can shoot here for your wedding. If your having a photoshoot here for family photography we can also shoot here as well.

You also get red and orange formations that create the foundation of the memorable wedding photos. Grand
Canyon also allows you to choose between tying the knot in the air or any of the two secluded places- the Grand
Canyon in Arizona and the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

You get with Grand Canyon whether you want a private wedding ceremony or want everything in public. With the
wedding, you only get a maximum of six people attending. The six include the pilot, minister, photographer, and of course, the bride and groom.

The Sundance helicopter wedding comes from a range of packages that start from £2,200. The cost is inclusive of the minister, cake,  refreshments, photographers, and flowers. The Grand Canyon has an exclusive professional post-wedding photo session.

Last but not least, you get a romantic picnic luncheon to reflect on your love story, the challenges, and the great


The Cosmopolitan.

If you are a quirky modern couple, then this is the right wedding venue for you. Here you do not walk your partner
down the aisle because it is intentionally missing. During the ceremony, the bride only walks through a hallway
into the main room, where everything happens.

This is also need the strip where we can take some great Las Vegas wedding photography shoots with all the casinos here, we can offer some affordable wedding packages here as well, if your looking for a short time package from tourist out of town looking for a quick shoot.

The main room can only accommodate 25 seated guests or a maximum of 40 standing people. The stylish suite is on the 35th floor and has a wrap-around that gives you and your guests a perfect view of the Las Vegas Boulevard. Also, the suite features two separate lounges for both the bride and groom to get dressed.

The Cosmopolitan has a distinctive ballroom that allows couples to design an ideal environment, craft menus, and select entertainment. Among the options is Point Loma that has floor-to-ceiling windows providing a complete view of The Strip.

With the help of their wedding experts, you can customize every aspect of your special day. The team dedicates
their time and resources to make your wedding perfect, whether you want an intimate wedding or an enthusiastic

Rhythms Event Center.

Rhythms Event Center is the ideal place to hold elegant and modern weddings and events. It has a modern full bar, state of the art sound system, and lighting technology. The venue has an elevated stage that you can use for after live wedding events and other catch-up activities.

The wedding organizers for this venue have various packages depending on the week day, specific services, and
hours spent in the event. They allow you to customize the wedding package and the price according to your needs and preferences.

Some of the available wedding packages include:

Mon-Thurs and Sunday Wedding Venues Package

This package is one of the most affordable options you can get in the Rhythms Event Center. However, let the price not fool you as you still get the best services in the industry. For only $2,500, you get 5 hours in the venue plus 150 gold chivari chairs and 30 tables for your guests.

Other exclusive offers include 150 gold chivari chairs, parking, red carpet, custom uplighting in any color, 5-hour
rental, and black, white, or tan linens. The only disadvantage is that you do not get the DJ, liquor, and food.

Friday Wedding Venues Package

The package is the second most expensive and costs $4,000. It gives you everything in the Monday to Thursday
package plus vendor flexibility, access to the selfie booth, and bartender.

Saturday Wedding Venues Package

The Saturday wedding package is the real deal if you want to experience maximum pomp and color for only $4,500. The advantage here is beating others in the exclusive venue for a weekend wedding.

Though I am not a vendor here, ask about our Las Vegas Wedding photography prices and I can get you a great
price for photography packages most venues often require a permit in order to use the same photographer.

Las Vegas Country Club.

If you are a lover of having your events in a vast space with a fresh environmental feel, then this is the deal for you. The Las Vegas Country Club allows you to tie the knot in an expansive lawn with the full glare of the vast clear desert sky. The club,  established in the 70s, gives you a vintage glamour of a wedding that you and your partner will remember for eternity.

Among the additional natural features that you get to enjoy in the presidential lawn are a tranquil lake, waterfall,
and a championship golf course. But wait until you get to the most coveted reception, the iconic Rotunda Room. It is a circular space surrounded by a natural rock wall and lit with a large stylish chandelier.

To add to these exclusive features, the attentive and accessible coordinators work tirelessly with the couple to
ensure that everything matches their tastes and preferences. The team coordinates everything from the meals, decors, linen, flowers, photography, and other miscellaneous.

The cost of hiring the venue begins from $3,000. However, you have to pay for the food and drinks separately at
$35 per head.

There is a range of food to serve, including favorite options such as bacon-wrapped scallops, spiced pecan apple pockets, filet mignon, among other irresistible.

Lakeside Weddings and Events.

Lakeside Weddings and Events give you two options, an all-inclusive wedding with a reception package or a simple outdoor wedding ceremony. The facility’s top-rated packages include a beautiful event with proximity to the lake and garden scenery.

The prices also depend on the number of guests you intend to invite. However, this is not an issue as you can always additional guests for a small additional fee.

Every package includes the various costs of hiring an outdoor venue, the bridal room, photography, rose bouquet, boutonniere, music, and the cost of hiring a wedding consultant.

They also boast of unique ceremonies in romantic venues featuring beautiful nature with trees and beautiful walkways.

Here are five of the most attractive options that you can pick for your wedding date.

Heritage Garden
This garden provides a serene environment with a lush green garden surrounding punctuated with a gazebo. It is
an ideal place for taking memorable photos to remember your special day.

Grand Garden
The grand garden also gives you a romantic ivy-entwined gazebo. However, it adds a serene lake that provides a
perfect backdrop.

Swan Garden
This venue allows you the opportunity to enjoy swaying willows complimenting your event right over the lake in a

Lakeshore Gazebo
The lakeshore provides you with a different event held on a water deck. You get to enjoy a perfect ambiance with water passing beneath your feet.

Waterfall Garden
The water shore is quite interesting as it allows you to tie the knot next to a tranquil 6-foot waterfall in the
background. As a Las Vegas wedding photographer, all these gardens are just stunning and you want to be able to
see them for yourself if your looking for a venue. It’s worth acquiring a permit if you’re doing this wedding.

Chapel of the Flowers.

Since the 50s, the Chapel of the Flowers has been one of the top wedding venues providing traditionally themed, intimate and elegant events. The full-service venue boasts of three beautiful wedding chapels strategically placed between cobblestone-accented space and lushly manicured landscape.

Chapel of the Flowers has a Glass garden designed for couples who envy an outdoor wedding’s sophistication and intimacy. It is ideal for a comfortable ceremony with peace of mind that you can only derive from a climate-
controlled environment.

On a material day, you make a grand entrance chauffeured in a limousine. You majestically walk through the foyer through to the rustic-chic Chapel surrounded with designer planked walls. In the Glass Gardens Chapel, you will
immediately notice the Pinterest inspired decors and the glass ceilings decorated with a custom lighting system
that resembles the sky.

To sum up, the venue has world-class customer service and a team of professional wedding planners. They will
handle every detail as per your specification and ensure that you have the experience to cherish for the rest of
your lives.

The price of booking a wedding event at Chapel of the Flowers includes flowers, receptions, award-winning photography, tuxedo, and gown rentals. The venue has a range of wedding packages to suit your choice, taste, and preference. The prices range from as low as $295 to as high as $3595. It depends on your financial might, the number of guests you want in attendance, and of course, the pomp and color you want to include.

Chapel in the Clouds.

For Las Vegas wedding photography this a beautiful place to do a wedding, from the name alone, you can guess the location of the wedding venue. The Chapel in the Cloud features two chapels situated on the 112th floor of the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower. It is 1,149 feet above the city, giving you a perfect view and an elegant reception venue.

The available wedding packages include breathtaking indoor and outdoor views on the deck on levels 108, 109,
and a private balcony on level 112, leaving you with a memorable mark for your lifetime.

The floating Chapel offers different wedding packages categorized by price and the approximate number of guests you want to bring. You can always pick one of the wedding packages below:

•  Indoor observation deck weddings
•  Outdoor observation deck weddings
•  Private balcony weddings
•  Vow renewals
•  Commitment and LGBTQ ceremonies

Other exclusive advantages that you will enjoy from the Chapel in the Cloud include a preferred vendor list,
professional wedding planners, concierge services (including dinners and shows), and organized bachelor and
bachelorette parties. If you need a Las Vegas wedding photographer for any private venue they usually need a
photography permit for a specific photographer and rates can vary after that.

Bottom Line

If you ever want to get married in Las Vegas, you have to pick the best venue. You have to find a place to mark your special day uniquely. The factors to consider are the number of guests you intend to carry with you, the event
organizers’ professionalism, and the different wedding packages available in the venue. If you’re looking for the best wedding photographer in Las Vegas I will do everything I can to give you the best Las Vegas wedding packages. I am committed to serving you and your family to give you some amazing photos and capturing your moment on your special day.

We offer affordable wedding photography packages, we do weddings, elopements, engagements, and family photography in Las Vegas area. We are also insured and trusted widely in the city. We offer the best Vegas wedding photography packages and we are here to serve you. Call us at 725-220-7958.

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