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The ability to capture the essence of endearment behind those special moments that matter so much is truly an art form. This is precisely why Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Photography exists – to freeze these glorious, unforgettable events. Art is like a dream, and we use the camera lens as a time machine to grasp these ageless moments in time. You deserve to relive occasions that are worth remembering, and your big day deserves to live on forever. Recall the overwhelming rush of happiness you feel after saying “I do” time and time again with luxurious Las Vegas wedding photos. After all, your story is a wonderful one to tell. Treat yourself to the ultimate Las Vegas photoshoot experience today.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Personalized Services: We learn and understand your family’s relationships for the best photo results.

Planning & Preparation: We work with your schedule as we make the required preparations. From location planning to timing, we focus on the important details.

Exclusivity: We limit our project volume, allowing us to focus solely on your event.

Here to Help: We take the time to assist everyone. No wedding planner? No problem. We will help with your schedule if necessary.

Detailed Editing: We have a thorough editing process to ensure that your finished pictures are their very best.


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Lorenzo Sandoval is a Las Vegas-based wedding photographer, available for destination weddings in the US and worldwide. As many consider their wedding photos to be the most important pictures of their lives, Lorenzo Sandoval understands his responsibility of capturing images of couples’ heartfelt emotions and turning them into timeless memories. The special day imagery he provides is always curated to be beautiful, natural, and reflect your love story. From official wedding portraits to candid behind-the-scenes moments, he captures couples in their element and delivers professional photos that are meant to be cherished for generations to come.

Are you looking for the most beautiful professional pictures of you and your partner on your special day? Then, find out what Lorenzo Sandoval can do for you.


Wedding Videography

Michelle and Joe have an amazing small wedding inside a CA mansion. Joe is one of my Black Belts at Ageless martial Arts and he asked me to personally due a short video.


Las Vegas Engagement Photography

Prepare to tell your very own love story as it unfolds. Whether formal, adorning your finest suit and tie, or casual, showing off the softer side of your relationship, we are prepared to capture the perfect Las Vegas engagement photos.

Smile big for your engagement announcements and laugh and joke with fun poses for ‘Save the Date’ reminders. With our amazing Vegas wedding photography, your engagement photoshoot will allow you to observe our process and form a bond with our company before your big day.

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Las Vegas Elopement Photography

Choosing to bravely embrace your love on a whim is a truly admirable and beautiful feat. Why not capture this unique event with professional pictures that will stand the test of time? Relive the most romantic escapade of your life with thoughtfully captured elopement photos. Years from now, as the two of you recap each magical moment, you will be thankful that you decided to turn them into permanent memories. Click below to celebrate your passion-laden elopement.


Las Vegas Family Photography

Family photos are more than just pictures – they are priceless fossils that embody our love for future generations to marvel and enjoy. Certain moments disappear as quickly as they happen – your baby’s first tooth, your princess’ quinceanera, your son’s graduation – and a family portrait is the perfect way to preserve them. Whether posed in the great outdoors or inside for a more traditional feel, allow us to capture those moments in time with those you care for the most. Ready to begin? We can’t wait to see your family’s smiling faces.


Fine Art Photography

Unlike other Las Vegas photographers, we understand the importance of placing your needs first. Through hours of preparation, we delve deeper into your specific needs to deliver photography that will take you back to that special event with each glance.


Drone Videography

Drone wedding videography has become the hottest trend in weddings as can expose the dignity of a wedding location and its surroundings. Thinking of drones can be a fantastic option when you choose your wedding videography as it can be used in a variety of ways.


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